Monday, August 5, 2013

Dont Judge Me

I will only say this once. If you dont like to read LOVE stories DONT READ MY BOOK! 

Sorry for the rant, but it is pissing me off that people are judging my book that it is either too sappy or the complete opposite. Granted there are those that have been extremely supportive and I really appreciate it. 

If you are giving me constructive criticism then I am completely open minded and appreciative of that. But if you downright insult me, or my writing, do you honestly think I would share your review with others, let alone let you read an ARC in the future? Think again.

Yes my book deals with a tough subject and the characters ARE flawed from events in the past. Relationships take work and it takes two to make it what it is. I AM happy with my story and I am happy to have others read it and provide a review but when you are downright insulting, that is just crossing the line. 

In the future there will only be a select FEW that are provided ARC's. 
A. Because they provide honest feedback that is not insulting.
B. Because they support the Authors and only want to see them succeed.

Rant over.