Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hi folks!
So most of you know that I have started to write another book. It WAS titled Standing On The Ledge, I have decided to change the title to Bare Hearts. Bare Hearts fits the storyline alot better than the previous one. 

Standing on the Ledge will be part of a series I write at a later date. 

And I have a funny feeling Bare Hearts will be a lot longer than the previous book. It deals with Death, Finding Love, Redemption and some craziness stuff. 

Here is a little info.
Main Character : Lily suffers a loss and the pain runs deep. She is about to find someone in the mist of all the pain, someone to take the pain away. She's a recent college graduate, and has opened up her own Flower Shop. Her Aunt Becca comes to stay with her to help with everything.

Main Character: Parker, who suffers a loss himself, and the pain is so unbearable that he is a little reckless with his own life.

Their first encounter is at the ...most unlikely place to meet or connect with someone. Lily feels the spark. But under the circumstances she pushes those thoughts out of her head....until they meet again at most unlikey place (another location). Lily believes that fate brought them together for a reason, they connect and share the bond of losing someone.
But Parker has a secret and Lily will struggle when that comes to a head. Will they be able to overcome their loss and find their way to eachother?? Can they bare their hearts enough to overcome to obstacles in their way?

Also stayed tuned, because next week kicks off with my blog tour for Coming Back to You! I know most do this after their book is released. But I wanted to focus on the release on the release day. And my schedule may be changing soon (with losing my job). And I wanted to go ahead with the blog tour before the release. At least the readers will know beforehand of they are interested in buying it when it does come out. 

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